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Coadunation(pronounced koh-aj-uh-ney-shuh n) is an open source Java based server.
Coadunation is an Open Source project originally developed by Brett Chaldecott, located in South Africa. It is licensed under the GNU license and as such the complete source is available for download.
Written completely in java, it is a cross-platform standalone server, which serves as an environment from which a user can run daemons, web applications web services, etc. The software was developed primarily in response to an inability to run non-event driven beans within J2ee based application servers (e.g. starting a mail server), as well as a general unhappiness with some of the EJB standards. The resulting application is Coadunation.
Coadunation was first made available to the public on 13/12/2006 with the release of Coadunation 0.99.A1. The latest public version is Coadunation 1.5.0.B3 which was released on the 29/05/2008. This is considered version 1 and development has continued with version 1.5.

Features of Coadunation include

  • Distributed Environment
  • RMI/IIOP support
  • Automated Deployment
  • Cache Management
  • Centralized Configuration
  • Container Based Security
  • Cosnaming Service
  • Datasource Support
  • Factory Object Support
  • JNDI
  • JMX Support
  • Transaction Support
  • Web Services
  • Web Application Support

Included Daemons

  • Timer Daemon (aka Cron type process)
  • HSQLDB Daemon
  • Tomcat Daemon
  • Message Service Daemon
  • Jython Daemon (A Java implementation of the python parser.)
  • Deployment Daemon
  • Email Server (SMTP, POP3, IMAP4, Web-mail Frontend)
  • DNS Server (Primary and Secondary Zone support, zone changes take place in real time).
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